Welcome to my personal webpage. 
I am a Mexican who loves to create. Whether in software/science, with the search for insights and a new understanding; in literature, with writing stories never told; in art, with illustration and photography as the main means of exploring the ephemerality of the moment. 


When I was a teenager, I discovered a love for literature in Herman Hesse's novel Siddhartha. Since then, I had the urge to sit down to write and bring worlds and characters to life.


With a father dedicated to art, I grew up in a world full of colors and feelings. I find in illustration (static or dynamic, like animation) and photography, two powerful means to touch for brief moments, in me, the need to live.


With seventeen years of scientific training, four of which occurred abroad, I have the capacity for abstraction necessary to pose a very large problem as a multitude of small problems. All of them feasible.


Here is a window to the world inside me.


With wide-ranging interests, unceasing searches, depths reached... here's a little of how I got to this point on the spiritual map.